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Jan 31 – Backwards Day

31 Jan

For this day I could have done a lot of things. But wearing my clothes backwards wasn’t enough to I decided to go back in time to 1776.

If you want to celebrate, you can do a tribute to the king of walking backwards, Michael Jackson, on the eternalmoonwalk.comScreen Shot 2013-01-31 at 4.09.47 PM

Or maybe you try and play a record backwards to discover the hidden message. This is my favorite one. Pink Floyd poked fun of the whole phenomenon and ridiculous accusations that there were satanic messages in records by hiding a tongue-in-cheek version of their own on the song “Empty Spaces.” Start playing at :22 and listen carefully for “congratulations you have discovered the secret message”



Jan 30 – Croissant Day

30 Jan

interesting fact I forgot to mention in the vid is that the reason why the Austrian Baker made it in the shape of the Islamic Crescent Moon is to feel like they were devouring their enemies when they bit into one. The more you know.

Jan 29 – Puzzle Day

29 Jan

The Impossible Puzzle really is impossible.

Jan 28 – Fun At Work & Kazoo Day

28 Jan

Having fun at work by printing a kazoo on a 3D printer and talking about the future of technology.


Jan 27 – Chocolate Cake Day

27 Jan

Instead of eating a chocolate cake, I went to a Chocolate factory to see how chocolate is made.

I also recommend listening to R. Kelly’s album Chocolate Factory. Totally underrated.

Jan 26 – Spouses Day

26 Jan

Jan 25 – Opposite Day

25 Jan

remember playing that back in the day? It’s a real thing.

Funny I even wrote an opposite day song during the Call Someone Who Cares campaign.

Jan 24 – Compliment Day

24 Jan

and here’s an interesting Forbes article that equates the effect of receiving compliments to receiving cash

Jan 23 – Measure Your Feet & Handwriting Day

23 Jan

Jan 22 – Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

22 Jan

Thanks to all the people from around the country that submitted cat questions. 

And so you see I’m not making this up. There’s this: