Jan 1 – Happy New Year

1 Jan

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Starting the new year off right with my favorite girl and favorite game. (dominoes) Funny hats and noisemakers were to be expected today so nothing too weird but did you know that our calendar was actually regulated by Julius Caesar? Previous empires had it all out of whack so he declared January 1st to be the first day of the year. January being named after Janus, the god of gates, doors and new beginnings. But is it really a new beginning?

I’m all for people who strive to make a change come today but the only thing that really happened is that yesterday is now today. The New Year isn’t really a clean slate, fresh start, get out of jail free card. I think people can make changes whenever. For some reason the change of date is a really motivating factor, but why wait for a new year? And that whole mumbo jumbo about having a good year or a bad year is made up too. They’re just time parameters so we can categorize quality of life. Truth is, there’s good times and bad times and that’s it. So let’s all try our best to have good times and not worry about what year it is or what impending apocalypse is around the corner. viewer-4


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