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Feb 5 – Weatherman Day

5 Feb

This day is a pet peeve for me. The day to honor Meteorologists. Well aside from the fact that I thought meteorology was the study of meteors growing up leading me to a huge disappointment, I sincerely don’t believe in it. I don’t think you can accurately know anything about the weather. It can change it an instant. Weather forecasts are wrong so often. It’s rained on days where it promised to be sunny and has been sunny on days that were impending snowstorms. Mother Nature will not be sniffed out easily. But either way, in honor of today, here’s my forecast for tomorrow.

The other thing that bothers me about predicting the weather is the reason. It’s not something I want to be preoccupied with. I much rather live in the moment. Deal with it as it comes. I don’t like to worry about something that I can’t avoid anyways. Who cares if it’s going to snow all weekend. I can’t make it not snow. I can either brave the cold or stay indoors but knowing a week in advance only plants a seed in my mind that I’d rather not water. So be skeptical about those weather reports. The best kind of report you can get is by stepping outside.