Feb 7 – Sweater Day / Send A Card To A Friend

7 Feb

Today is Sweater Day and as an ad guy I just love this campaign that the WWF is doing for it. They filled a call center with Grannies and you can book a Granny ranging from sweet to cranky to call you and remind you to wear a sweater. I actually got a call from a Granny today and it was awesome. Everyone dreams of being on the phone with a sweet 85 year old strange woman at least once in their life right? It’s all an initiative to get people to turn down their heat to conserve energy. So less about the sweater and more about preventing global warming I guess.

Check out the campaign video below.


It’s also Send A Card To A Friend Day and just as I was about to send one out I got a surprise from someone in the mail. A few weeks ago, I went to Taza chocolate factory for Chocolate Cake Day and I posted a video on their Facebook page. Believe it or not, today they sent me a thank you note. HANDWRITTEN! With some chocolately goodies inside.

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 5.41.45 PM

Here’s my reaction. 

Truly awesome. People should send letters and cards more often. It makes a difference.


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