Archive | March, 2013

Mar 31 – Easter

31 Mar

Eggs on eggs on eggs

Ideas fried, scrambled or sunny side up

Mar 30 – Walk In The Park Day

30 Mar

Taking a walk in the park is well…a walk in the park.

Mar 29 – Smoke And Mirrors Day

29 Mar

I went to Medieval Manor to see a magic show and interview a magician. Enjoy. 

Mar 28 – National Something On A Stick Day

28 Mar

Shish Kebab for life. I actually worked at a Mediterranean restaurant for a year as a delivery driver. Don’t miss it. I sweat a lot. Not a good look.

Mar 27 – Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day

27 Mar

Singing a couple quirky country tunes with some country folk.

Mar 26 – Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

26 Mar

Well the Mayor of Boston replied and said he couldn’t make time for me today to make it National Gabriel Day, so instead I’ve declared it National Jack Bauer Day in honor of finally finishing the series 24. One of the greatest TV shows of all time. 


Mar 25 – Int’l Waffle Day

25 Mar

I love waffles, but for some reason, today I want pancakes. Here’s a little music vid to explain how I feel. 

Mar 24 – Chocolate Raisins Day

24 Mar

This holiday made me remember the California Raisins cartoon from when I was a kid. With soulful voices like that, they’re practically chocolate raisins if you know what I mean. 

Mar 23 – Puppy Day

23 Mar

Getting creative today. Not your usual puppy. But a puppy made out of conceptual yo-yo tricks put together to tell the story of National Puppy Day….yea it might be a stretch, but it was fun to do.

Mar 22 – World Water Day

22 Mar

I actually have a passion for this. It’s such a basic need. Why are there still people in the world without water when there are other people in the world with Playstations? How about a global economy? I digress.

This is a project I did 5 years ago in school for tap water advocacy. I’ve never been a bottled water drinker to begin with. I think it’s ridiculous to pay for something that’s free.