Feb 25 – DNA Day

25 Apr

Some days I already have something big planned and celebrating the holiday makes it a double whammy so I try to see if I can find a connection. On this day, I had tickets to go see the Broadway musical satire ,written by the creators of South Park, “Book Of Mormon.” A truly hilarious work of art I must say. I was trying to see how I could connect Book Of Mormon with DNA day and although I thought it was a pipe dream, a simple Google search proved me otherwise. There’s actually a huge DNA debate that tries to disprove the Book Of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon believes that Israelites and Jesus Christ were in America in the 1800s and that they migrated way back in the day through a land bridge and are the true descendants of Native Americans. Critics of the book have alleged that DNA data demonstrating homology between modern Native Americans as well as a seeming lack of homology between modern Jewish and Native American DNA, provides conclusive proof that the Book of Mormon story of migrations from ancient Israel and the traditional LDS view that these early Israelite peoples represent the principal ancestors of modern Amerindians is false. So there you go. I would say you probably don’t need DNA to disprove such a ridiculous thing, but yea GO SCIENCE AND DNA! Here’s a clip from the musical. Go see it if it’s in your town.


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