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May 31 – World No Tobacco Day

31 May

Sure today is a day to be anti tobacco but why not investigate how tobacco is made instead? It might be what makes you say no. Here’s a visit to a local cigar factory.

May 30 – Water A Flower Day

30 May

New house new plants that need water.

May 29 – End Of The Middle Ages Day

29 May

May 28 – Hamburger Day

28 May

I loved this show growing up and this sketch still made me laugh.

May 27 – Memorial Day

27 May

who can ever forget this crazy guy. Get it bro! Dance like no one is watching…or filming.

May 26 – Sally Ride Day

26 May

Out of this world traffic jam in honor of the first woman in space

May 25 – Tap Dance Day

25 May

Oh you know, just getting tap dance lessons from Gene Kelly’s niece.

May 24 – Int’l Tiara Day

24 May

Acting like a princess on moving day

May 23 – Lucky Penny Day

23 May

Still haven’t found a lucky penny on the ground, but I found this amazing Penny Hardaway commercial from back in the day. This guy could have been one of the best ever. Damn injuries.

May 22 – Buy A Musical Instrument Day

22 May

Check out this super inspiring guy I met at the music store and then watch what instrument I bought.