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June 30 – Meteor Day

30 Jun

At the lack of having any meteors lying around, I revisited a great movie from my past. A great bad movie: Meteor Man. Who remembers watching it?

June 29 – Waffle Iron Day

29 Jun

Waffle irons inspired Nike soles so to celebrate, I went to a sneaker convention filled with Nikes.

June 28 – St Peters Fiesta Day

28 Jun

This was something I technically celebrated last year, but I finally got around to editing the video and reliving it. St. Peter’s fiesta is a weekend festival in Gloucester, MA to celebrate the patron saint of fisherman. One of the great activities is The Greasy Pole, a quest to literally capture a flag at the end of a 40 ft telephone pole covered in grease. Truly a spectacle to be witnessed. Winner never pays for a drink in the city again.


June 27 – Sunglasses Day

27 Jun

A special message for the club goers and night owls.

June 26 – Gay Marriage Rights Day

26 Jun

One small step for mankind

June 25 – Catfish Day

25 Jun

Catfish keep us on our toes

June 24 – Victory Lap Day

24 Jun

It was actually swim a lap day, but technically speaking the commissioner named it Miami Heat parade Day so here it is in all it’s glory.

June 23 – Typewriter Day

23 Jun

Unfixable errors made people think before they typed. What a concept.

June 22 – Stupid Guy Thing Day

22 Jun

Some girls would argue that everything guys do is stupid, but there is actually a category of things that are even stupider. One of them is our love of cars. Another is our love for mindless action movies. Bring those together and we have the amazing cars at the Dezer Collection: the largest car collection in the entire US.

June 21 – Go Skateboarding Day

21 Jun