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July 31 – Mutts Day

31 Jul

Watching the muttest of them all.

July 30 – Father In Law Day

30 Jul

Two dads are better than one.

July 29 – Rain Day

29 Jul

Rain is becoming a serious issue as showcased in a recent episode of Vice.

July 28 – Chocolate Milk Day

28 Jul

Proven to be the best post-recovery supplement. Even better than Gatorade.

Check out the article here:

Click to access Science-of-Chocolate-Milk-as-Recovery-Drink.pdf

July 27 – Dance Day

27 Jul

Talking and making music with up and coming Electronic Dance DJ Takshak.

July 26 – Talk In An Elevator Day

26 Jul

Sometimes we don’t engage in that social interaction because we think it may not be worth it. I mean what can you say in 15 seconds? You might not ever see this person again. Who cares? Exactly. That person may have some meaningful insight or comment that makes your day. Don’t rule it out. I’ve always been fascinated by elevator conversation and this documentary called Lift by Marc Isaacs explores it very well.

Check it out the full 24 min doc here:


July 25 – Thread The Needle Day

26 Jul

Taking an online class on about starting my own fashion company. Watch til the end to see my brilliant new fashion line idea. 

July 24 – Drive Thru Day

24 Jul

The laziest invention in the world provides us with opportunities for random pranks like this one. Literally this is the most random pairing of two pop culture things ever. You win Internet.

July 23 – Hot Dog Day

23 Jul

Lets just say I put a twist on it.

July 22 – Ratcatchers Day

22 Jul

German folklore meets R Kelly.