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Aug 31 – Eat Outside Day

31 Aug

There are good things that come from not eating in front of the couch…like meeting your cool neighbor with awesome gadgets.

Aug 30 – Frankenstein Day

30 Aug

Many things get frankensteined and they almost always end up like a horror movie.

Aug 29 – Lemon Juice Day

29 Aug

The many benefits of lemons not to be confused with lemmings.

Aug 28 – Race Your Mouse Day

28 Aug

Visit to race your own mouse. 

Aug 27 – Just Because Day

27 Aug

Sometimes you have to do things just because.

Aug 26 – Dog Day

26 Aug

Every dog has his day. Literally today is their day. Check out my girls dog doing some tricks. Well trained.

Aug 25 – Topless Day

25 Aug

Sorry no boobs here. Just the simple joys in life.

Aug 24 – Pluto Demoted Day

24 Aug

7 years ago, Pluto was demoted from being a planet. Now we only have 8 planets in our solar system. Special thanks to Claudia at the Planetarium for clearing things up for me.

Aug 23 – Ride The Wind Day

23 Aug

Will i survive riding 78 mph winds?

And here’s a video of us earlier this year enjoying the result of the windiest blizzard to hit Boston in over 10 years. We definitely rode the wind into the sunset.

Aug 22 – Be An Angel Day

22 Aug

I’m named after an angel so this one is not too hard.