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Sept 30 – Chewing Gum Day

30 Sep

Dispose of your gum in a way that makes a difference.

Sept 29 – Breaking Bad Finale Day

29 Sep

All bad things come to an end.

Sept 28 – Fish Tank Floor Show Day

28 Sep

Walking on water…in a way.

Sept 27 – Crush A Can Day

27 Sep

This would be too easy for me so I’ve enlisted the help of a willing woman.

Sept 26 – One Hit Wonder Day

26 Sep

The new tradition at work kicked in just in time.

Sept 25 – Women’s Health Day

25 Sep

Can I resist temptation at the food truck festival?

Sept 24 – Punctuation Day

24 Sep

This video perfectly illustrates the ridiculousness of this year’s favorite punctuation: the hashtag. 

Can’t say I don’t use them or will stop using them. Hashtags often make adding commentary to images easier and funnier. Let’s be honest, it may sound stupid at face value, but a picture of Barney with #purpleisthenewblack is pretty funny. So lighten up people. Hashtags aren’t so bad.