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Oct 31 – Halloween

31 Oct

For my favorite holiday I stepped it up by actually breaking bad throughout the night as an homage to Mr White.

and the rest of my Halloween antics

Oct 30 – Haunted Refrigerator Day

30 Oct

let’s see what scary stuff I find

Oct 29 – Internet, Oatmeal & Cat Day

29 Oct

Somehow the stars aligned and I was able to celebrate all three at once.

Also, this idea for Cat Day by Uber car services is just plain brilliant.

Oct 28 – Statue of Liberty Day

28 Oct

The statue of liberty has forever changed in my mind with the inflatable lady liberty flailing in the wind above Saul Goodman’s office. Yes liberty means the right to be a crooked lawyer.


It also means the right to do a prequel series about a crooked lawyer that I’m really excited about.

Oct 27 – Cranky Co-worker Day

27 Oct

Warhol said repetition is power, but repetition can lead this cranky co-workers too.

Oct 26 – Shoe Lover’s Day

26 Oct

I got sole

Oct 25 – World Pasta Day

25 Oct

ready for spaghetti