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Aug 18 – Bad Poetry Day

18 Aug

Poetry is an opinion so it’s hard for it to be bad, but this one definitely is.

Aug 17 – Thrift Store Day

17 Aug

Love this song. People be dancing to this in the club not knowing it’s about buying used clothes. Love the video too. Got mad respect for Mackelmore now.

Aug 15 – Failures Day

15 Aug

This is a day to look back at our failures and embrace them. If not for that, we couldn’t grow as individuals. In fact, one of my favorite commercials of all time expresses just that.

My career deals with failure on a daily basis. I present ideas and they can fail internally, on the client level or on a consumer level. You have to always be ready for things to go wrong, but not being afraid to fail is what makes us courageous enough to push forward.

I remember when I was sure that I would win a certain award at school and I didn’t. Not only was that failure humbling, but it taught me to never put that much emphasis on things like that again. Success is what you make of it and no trophy, certificate or peer acknowledgment will ever change that.


Aug 12 – Vinyl Record Day

12 Aug

Playing and talking about my favorite vinyl record, Dark Side Of The Moon.

Feb 26 – Tell A Fairy Tale Day

26 Feb

This ain’t no Mother Goose tale

Feb 14 – A Pinteresting Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

That’s not a typo. I made my girlfriend a real life Pinterest board with the real things she pinned.

IMG_2084 IMG_2089


Did I top last year?

Feb 10 – Umbrella Day

10 Feb

Today is Umbrella Day and it’s also the Grammys so here is my tribute to the greatest video ever of an umbrella in use.


I grew up watching this musical. It’s probably the only musical I’ve ever loved. I tried to watch Les Miserables and was miserable. Can’t pretend I’m the first to use that line. ┬áHere’s the original. Not too shabby huh?