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Aug 17 – Thrift Store Day

17 Aug

Love this song. People be dancing to this in the club not knowing it’s about buying used clothes. Love the video too. Got mad respect for Mackelmore now.

Aug 16 – Men’s Grooming Day

16 Aug

Not much to groom.

Feb 28 – Sleep In Public Day

28 Feb

Not the easiest thing to do especially in cold cold Boston but it had to be done. Eli didnt like it as you can see from the video.

I did it once in Barcelona for real. Not by choice. I was legitimately homeless. No money for a hostel so I slept on a beach and I’ve never been so humbled in my life. Bottom of the barrel. I literally came minutes close to getting jumped and killed but I made it.

I don’t really sympathize too much with homeless people. I struggled a lot for what I have. I came from nothing and worked since I was 15 to get to where I’m at so I can’t really understand how someone comes to the point where they live on the street instead of fighting for their life. Instead of working at a McDonald’s. But one thing I know for sure is that no one should be sleeping on the street. I rather my tax dollars go to providing poor helpless people with shelter than maintaining people on death row. In fact I rather none of my money go to prisons.

But the other thing that reminds me of this day is the general reflection on the homeless. I think that because I live here but when Iived in Spain people go take naps at parks and on benches all the time. It’s almost like sleep is villanized here. I vouch for bringing back nap time. Who the hell said we don’t need that after kindergarten should maybe be homeless b


Feb 26 – Tell A Fairy Tale Day

26 Feb

This ain’t no Mother Goose tale

Feb 23 – Play Tennis Day

23 Feb

Breaking an indoor sweat

Feb 20 – Hoodie Hoo Day

20 Feb

Going to the top to scream at the top of our lungs to scare away the winter. 

Feb 15 – Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D)

15 Feb

But there’s nothing sad about this day. Shit I was single for almost 5 years before I was in a relationship. It’s never sad unless you want it to be. Having time to figure out who you are and spend time with yourself has its pros. If I was single I wouldn’t have to watch the Kardashians but you have to make sacrifices.

Today is not a pity festival for the people that didn’t have Valentine’s yesterday. It’s perfectly ok to be a bachelor or bachelorette. So go out and celebrate. Here’s a special playlist I found to get you in the mood.

Feb 11 – Clean Out Your Computer Day

11 Feb

Don’t be a digital hoarder. Empty that digital recycling bin.

Feb 10 – Umbrella Day

10 Feb

Today is Umbrella Day and it’s also the Grammys so here is my tribute to the greatest video ever of an umbrella in use.


I grew up watching this musical. It’s probably the only musical I’ve ever loved. I tried to watch Les Miserables and was miserable. Can’t pretend I’m the first to use that line.  Here’s the original. Not too shabby huh?

Feb 6 – Lame Duck Day

6 Feb

Today actually has nothing to do with ducks. It’s more of a figure of speech. Today is actually based on the 20th Amendment, which establishes the protocol for when the new president steps in and the old one steps down. That succession period when the old one knows his time is soon to be up is when he may start acting like a Lame Duck. 

But actual ducks are much cooler and since this is a re-election year and there are no successors, I’ll celebrate a different way. About 6 months ago, we shot some online videos for U.S. Cellular about shady tricks wireless companies pull. One of them was called the Lame Duck, written by my friend Jack Collier. 

This was the first of nine videos we shot in one day. Starting with a taxidermy duck is a surefire way to get going in the morning. The actor in those spots is Tim Baltz. A great improv guy who works at Second City in Chicago. Highly recommend going to see him or anyone else in that theater. Less coffee. More lame duck. Let’s get some legislation going.