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Holidaily: The Movie

20 Oct

Proud to present this documentary after months of editing. The movie is completely free. All that I ask is to help me spread the word. Press the Pay With A Tweet button below to share with your social networks and gain free access to the film.

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Best of Holidaily

31 Dec

Here’s a wrap up video of this incredible year. Stay tuned for the documentary coming in a couple of months.

Dec 31 – New Years Eve

31 Dec

Going out in style at the Nikki Beach Glitz & Glam party.

Dec 30 – Festival of Enormous Change

30 Dec

Two of my favorite artists spoke about change: bob Dylan and 2pac. Who would have thought they’d ever be in the same sentence.

Dec 29 – Tick Tock Day

29 Dec

And then one day you’ll find, 10 years have gone behind. – from Time, Pink Floyd.

Dec 28 – Card Playing Day

28 Dec

Cards Against Humanity with some interesting humans.

Dec 27 – Make Cutout Snowflakes Day

27 Dec

This is as close to the magic of snow as you can get in Miami.

Dec 26 – Boxing Day

26 Dec

Man vs …

Dec 25 – Christmas

25 Dec

Ugly sweater party

Dec 24 – Christmas Eve

24 Dec

A little stop motion of a few of my favorite things