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Dec 23 – Festivus

23 Dec

A Seinfeld flashback for the rest of us

and here’s the clip that explains the phenomenon if you haven’t seen it. 

Dec 22 – Haiku Day

22 Dec

A 5-7-5 poem about when your digestive system has a 9-1-1

Dec 21 – Look On The Bright Side

21 Dec

So what it’s depressing Winter Solstice

Dec 20 – Go Caroling Day

20 Dec

Somebody grab me a lyric book

Dec 19 – Lebronukkah

19 Dec

Lebron James + Hannukkah = …well

Dec 18 – Wear A Plunger On Your Head Day

18 Dec

I guess you can call this potty humor

Dec 17 – Wright Brothers Day

17 Dec

I believe I can fly…

Dec 16 – Boston Tea Party

17 Dec

We should throw tea in the ocean more often

Dec 15 – Bill Of Rights Day

17 Dec

Three is the magic amendment

Dec 14 – Monkey Day

17 Dec

I was hoping to go to a trampoline park and jump around off rope swings like a monkey, but it proved difficult to organize so until then, here’s a video of me doing it last year. That counts right?