Dec 12 – Festival of Unmentionable Thoughts

12 Dec

Oh these damn confidentiality agreements


Dec 11 – Intl Noodle Ring Day

11 Dec

Use your noodle and pick up a cookbook bit doesn’t have to be like this.

Dec 10 – Nobel Peace Prize Day

10 Dec

War? What is it good for? Besides the military industrial complex.

Dec 09 – Christmas Card Day

9 Dec

Let the Christmas Cards begin.

Dec 08 – Take It In The Ear Day

8 Dec

Ummm it’s what it sounds like

Dec 07 – Cotton Candy Day

7 Dec

Not quite cotton candy but I get points for trying right?

Dec 06 – Art Basel Week

6 Dec

Aside from Halloween, this is my favorite time of year. Art is flooding the city and I feel more inspired than ever to go out and make stuff. Here’s a recap of my visits to Art Basel, Art Miami, Context Miami, Pulse Miami, Perez Art Modern Museum (PAMM) and the Faile and Basche Deluxx Fluxx Interactive Art Arcade.