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Sept 09 – Teddy Bear Day

9 Sep

Teddy Bears are a symbol of tenderness and this music video is super tender. 

Sept 02 – Labor Day

2 Sep

I know it means hard labor, but labor as in giving birth is so much funnier.

Aug 04 – Friendship Day

4 Aug

It’s crazy the impact Facebook has had on friendships. Even the way we might celebrate this day. But what will always be true is that friends are one of the most important parts of being a human. In fact, what makes us human is the ability to self-evaluate ourselves and form a sense of identity. A sense of identity, which often needs to be acknowledged by friends in order to be true. If you think you’re good, but none of your friends do then maybe you’re not good. So who we are could be a reflection of who our friends think we are. Not that we need anyone’s approval, but do you like being liked? Or in the Facebook era, getting likes?