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Dec 06 – Art Basel Week

6 Dec

Aside from Halloween, this is my favorite time of year. Art is flooding the city and I feel more inspired than ever to go out and make stuff. Here’s a recap of my visits to Art Basel, Art Miami, Context Miami, Pulse Miami, Perez Art Modern Museum (PAMM) and the Faile and Basche Deluxx Fluxx Interactive Art Arcade.


Dec 03 – Let’s Hug Day

3 Dec

Who can say no to a hug? Right?

Nov 29 – Listening Day

29 Nov

Today is the day to listen and not judge. And listen we did at the epic Yeezus tour. 

Nov 28 – Thanksgiving

28 Nov

I figured I can’t top last year. Sure, I’m celebrating this year. I even bought the naming rights to a can of green beans that will go to feed the homeless (www.namesforchange.org) because I’m so thankful I’m in a position to give back. But this pilgrimage to the pilgrim land last year is what got this whole Holidaily thing started. I felt I should try to celebrate every holiday as all out as this one. 


Nov 27 – Pins and Needles Day

27 Nov

Celebrating by literally putting pins and needles in my face

Nov 26 – Shopping Reminder Day

26 Nov

TV is filled with them now. People like me making ads to remind people like you to go spend money on things you don’t need instead of celebrating the things that matter: friends and family. But I actually would hate to work on a Black Friday ad. It’s more like Black Plague Friday. As much as I love this ad, I can’t celebrate shopping reminders like this especially when stores are opening on actual Thanksgiving Day. We should be reminding people to talk instead of shop because that 72 inch TV bargain won’t replace a night of sitting around the table trading war stories. 

In fact, this article perfectly sums up my feelings about this ridiculous Black Friday trend.


Nov 25 – Parfait Day

25 Nov

Par what?

Nov 24 – Unique Talents Day

24 Nov

If you can invert your body and spin around like Sonic the Hedgehog, I’d say your talent is unique.

Check out the full final battle below

Nov 23 – Dr. Who Day

23 Nov

This show that has recently had a resurgence is the longest running show of all time. It has been on (and off) for 50 years now and it has a genius plot device, the actual Dr. Who changes every so often. Not like James Bond where you’re supposed to pretend a new actors is the same character. No. Somehow it’s part of the plot for this to happen. 

Nov 20 – Absurdity Day

20 Nov

More absurd than this guy’s car decor is his car behavior.