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Nov 19 – Play Monopoly Day

19 Nov

Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200. 

Nov 17 – Unfriend Day

17 Nov

Friends come and go but in this day and age of Facebook they linger in your friend’s list so you have to be the one to cut the rope. 

Nov 16 – Int’l Games Day

17 Nov

Went to see some X Game BMX qualifiers and popped my NASCAR cherry while I was at it

Nov 14 – World Diabetes Day

14 Nov

My dad has been Diabetic for my entire life, but he’s the sweetest man I know.

Nov 11 – Veteran’s Day

11 Nov

This video is amazing. A homeless vet gets a makeover, but the fact that there’s so many homeless vets is sad. It speaks to the fact that you go fight for this country and then they give you nothing. The guy that killed Bin Laden is dead broke. No pension because he didn’t finish his call of duty. I appreciate the effort these guys do to keep us safe. Whatever that means because most of the time we are safe. I believe in the military industrial complex and that many wars are for profit rather than peace, but that’s a rabbit hole. For now watch this vid. It’s better than anything I could have put together and although a makeover isn’t enough to fix his problems, it’s a good start. 


Nov 04 – King Tut Day

4 Nov

Ok so this one may also be a stretch, but I’m replacing one legend for another. King tut was a legend and so was, well…John Legend. This is a performance from last night’s amazing concert. 

Oct 31 – Halloween

31 Oct

For my favorite holiday I stepped it up by actually breaking bad throughout the night as an homage to Mr White.

and the rest of my Halloween antics

Oct 30 – Haunted Refrigerator Day

30 Oct

let’s see what scary stuff I find

Oct 29 – Internet, Oatmeal & Cat Day

29 Oct

Somehow the stars aligned and I was able to celebrate all three at once.

Also, this idea for Cat Day by Uber car services is just plain brilliant.


Oct 24 – Take Back Your Time Day

24 Oct

What if we could take back our time? Freeze a perfect moment and live in it forever? This beautiful film by Mark Slutsky tries to answer that.

In this case and in the case of my favorite movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I always feel like the moral of the story is that everything is everything. Deleted memories or staying frozen in them isn’t what makes us human. Persevering and seeing our growth is what does.