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Dec 06 – Art Basel Week

6 Dec

Aside from Halloween, this is my favorite time of year. Art is flooding the city and I feel more inspired than ever to go out and make stuff. Here’s a recap of my visits to Art Basel, Art Miami, Context Miami, Pulse Miami, Perez Art Modern Museum (PAMM) and the Faile and Basche Deluxx Fluxx Interactive Art Arcade.


Dec 03 – Let’s Hug Day

3 Dec

Who can say no to a hug? Right?

Nov 24 – Unique Talents Day

24 Nov

If you can invert your body and spin around like Sonic the Hedgehog, I’d say your talent is unique.

Check out the full final battle below

Nov 16 – Int’l Games Day

17 Nov

Went to see some X Game BMX qualifiers and popped my NASCAR cherry while I was at it

Nov 03 – Give Someone A Dollar Day

3 Nov

This guy deserved more than just one. I’m a sucker for a good headline.

Oct 19 – Evaluate Your Life Day

19 Oct

Evaluating my life while running for it…from zombies.

Oct 02 – Name Your Car Day

2 Oct

Problem is I don’t technically have one. 

Sept 21 – Flugtag Day

21 Sep

An evening filled plane crashes…in a good way.