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Nov 11 – Veteran’s Day

11 Nov

This video is amazing. A homeless vet gets a makeover, but the fact that there’s so many homeless vets is sad. It speaks to the fact that you go fight for this country and then they give you nothing. The guy that killed Bin Laden is dead broke. No pension because he didn’t finish his call of duty. I appreciate the effort these guys do to keep us safe. Whatever that means because most of the time we are safe. I believe in the military industrial complex and that many wars are for profit rather than peace, but that’s a rabbit hole. For now watch this vid. It’s better than anything I could have put together and although a makeover isn’t enough to fix his problems, it’s a good start. 


Aug 14 – Navajo Code Talkers Day

14 Aug

Code talking was a key to the American victory in World War II. They were able to land on Iwo Jima beach and successfully deliver up to 800 encrypted messages that helped carry sensitive information about troop movement and other field operations.

Knowledge of this wasn’t released until 1969 and in 1982 Reagan declared it a national holiday. It’s crazy the risk these guys had to take during war. Now we’d have to send teenage Emoji code talkers or something. It’s so easy to relay and intercept information, but these guys took a risk and we thank them for that. Check out a short documentary about it below.

and here’s a more in-depth article if you want to read further.