Jan 13 Skeptics Day

13 Jan

I started out today thinking I would celebrate by watching crazy conspiracy theories. I looked for the craziest ones I could find and came across one from David Icke. He believes we are all holograms controlled by reptilian being part of an Illuminati bloodline.

But after I thought I completed my holiday assignment for the day, I kicked back and watched a movie on Netflix called Craigslist Joe. After I saw it, I really felt I came full circle on today’s holiday. That movie really shut up all the skeptics out there that stopped believing in the power of humanity. Even after natural disasters and economic recessions, the human spirit is as strong as ever. This guy lived for a month solely off people he met on Craigslist. Check out the trailer below. I strongly recommend it.

For more detail on the crazy Reptilian theory, here’s a TIME article.


All I can say is that today is a day to remind you to question everything because there are a lot of crazy ideas out there in the world, but also to get proof of the things you question. Because as I saw tonight in Craigslist Joe, reality can make you less skeptical.

A sticker I saw in a bar in Wynwood last week when I was in Miami.Picture 13


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